Korg Nanokey Studio


Can some one let me know if the Korg Nanokey Studio can be used with the OP-1 and if so how well? I have an OP-1 and I’m looking for a compact midi keyboard with scales and chords presets.


It works with OP-Z but can’t say about OP-1, but maybe that gives some hope it could.

I really like nanokey studio.

I don’t think it’ll directly work with the OP-1 — both are USB client devices. One needs to be a USB host, so you’ll need something like the Kensington adapter.

Thanks for your msg I have an adapter and will try


ok Ive tested and it did not work, although, connecting the OP-1 to the IPAD and then the Nanokey to the Ipad via bluetooth, I was able to play them op-1


:grinning: thanks for the info