Korg NTS-1 fx vs OP-Z

Question for peeps using an NTS-1: I‘m running my 0-coast into the op-z line module and I‘m not the biggest fan of the OP-Z fx, but I want decent Reverb and Delay. Is it worth plugging an NTS-1 in between? I‘m a fan of simple setups, so wondering if it‘s worth having yet another box and if the FX on the NTS-1 are worth the extra hassle. Also, how do you manage to send midi to the NTS-1 plus other gear, as the NTS-1 only has Midi in and I keep hearing about the NTS-1 sending midi via usb when it shouldn‘t and the OP-Z responds to that when it also shouldn’t… can the op-z power the nts-1 and send midi at the same time via usb?

Maybe this will help with midi:

For me the reverb and other FX on the NTS-1 is a really good upgrade from OP-Z. The caviat is when you need different config of parameters. Recalling data makes you depend of an external midi sequencer/recorder… to be fast and accurate. (Or paper and pencil / excel …)

To experiment and sound designing tasks is great. More if you sample the results and don’t need to be recalling different setups.

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