Korg Nutekt NTS-1

looks great, sounds great, usb powered, ya get to make it and it costs less than £100!


Yes, it looks like a neat device. Does anyone know where it is available in the US?

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Like a digital, more advanced monotron. Will be out in November.

Got mine in the mail today. Op-lab connects with 1/8 trs. CC changes work. :grin:


you can stack the 3 effects, right?

Yup. One mod effect, delay, and verb, with user bank options … So far just scouting a few links, I’ve been able to add another 10+ User OSC to memory (Nutekt version of Plaits OSC’s), and see a few free/donation/pay options for more OSC types/FX.

I still need to plug this little guy into the larger setup to see if investing more in the platform is worth it. Originally I thought it would be a good crutch for synths without fx, or for stacking with the Z/OP-1. There are gain staging options to avoid clipping the unit, and routing where the line in is in the sound chain. Possible general AUX send unit.


woulda been really dope if u could route the AUX in thru the filter :frowning:

oh i guess there are some user mod filter fx. coooool

Not far from using the NTS-1, I’m going to set up a multi Arduino (4) Digital Oscillators with the different waveforms and some filters using C programs or analog potentiometers…

Concluded testing with Modal Argon 8… NTS-1 fx are legit. Sounds meshed will into the mod/verbs, and the delays are great to mangle while patching. For 99.99 with add on capabilities and good I/O, I think this is a winner.

I emailed the developer to confirm, but this might be a mod slot fx. https://www.sinevibes.com/korgsvf/

Got the MVF-22 Mod filter working from the NTS-1 line in. So it appears you have pretty interchangeable fx chain you can run audio through.

Gumroad.com/rolllogsounds - use the logueMill app to load the filter, then use the app to apply parameter changes to the filter response and export file.



That’s really good to hear about the gain stages , I love to use my monotrons dirty delay but it distorts so easily, great lofi delay though.

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ya the FX alone are nice. with the midi in its a nice mono synth module too

theres a lot of nice waveforms/engines and the custom waves/fx are pretty good too
i’ve only loaded free ones so far but been happy with what i’m getting

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one thing i was really missing w/ the NTS was battery power.
so decided to add one but had to rehouse to fit the lipo.
broke out all the pertinent components too
(USB port, audio I/O, sync I/O, MIDI IN)
and added a real MIDI DIN jack as well as the TRS mini jack
may swap the pots in the future but don’t have any encoders on hand atm


You are an artist :slight_smile:

thanks dude!

i love how korg broke out the USB port pads
(even tho they were still pretty tiny)
it would have been impossible to maintain data transfer without them

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Hi docshermsticks,
Ive stumbled across your build and have been inspired to do something similar with my NTS 1.
Great work on your design and implementation!
I hope you dont mind but would you be able to help with the TRS sockets, I cant find any info on the pin outs for this type of socket and was hoping you could give me a heads up on which pins are which?
Im wanting to break out the audio I/O as well as the sync. Also thinking of adding a Midi DIN to save using an adapter.

Any help would be massively appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks dude
i didn’t seem to write it down so i dont remember exactly what the pinout is
but it is super easy to figure out
just plug in a cable and get your multimeter out

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Yeah i think ive got it sorted correctly mate… hopefully it all works once ive finished.
Thanks for the response and all the best!