Korg SQ-1 sequencer part 2

Earlier, I jotted down some notes on troubleshooting Korg SQ-1 connectivity to Bastl microGranny. There’s a fundamental 48 step gap between the high MIDI note ranges emitted by SQ-1, versus the sample-selecting MIDI note ranges the microGranny expects. There are some more expensive hardware options (eurorack, sysex) to implement transposition, but if you already have a PC, then it’s not so hard to do this in software.

Turns out MIDI libraries abound! Once you bushwhack through the process of wiring up a MIDI processor, the sky’s the limit on what you can do with the data.

Hello, Operator? mp3

That’s SQ-1 jump-sequencing some Teenage Engineering patches on a microGranny.

I haven’t gotten my KeyStep’s native transposition to function through MIDI cables, but I actually did use the keyboard as a USB -> MIDI through adapter onto my microGranny, while waiting for a USB MIDI adapter dongle to ship. KeyStep MIDI thru was disabled by default, so I had to crack open Arturia MIDI Control Center to switch that on.

And here’s the lil’ CLI utility I wrote to do the transposing: