korg sq-1 sync-out to po-12

has anyone successfully used the korg sq-1’s sync-out port to clock the po-12?

i’m using a 3.5mm ts jack from the sq-1 sync out to po-12 input (sy-02) mode and not having any luck.

i’ve measured the voltage on the sq-1’s sync out and looks fine…i can’t figure out why po-12 won’t accept it.

the po-12 works fine if i sync it with the same cable with other pocket operators or gate signals from the sq-1.

thank you.

Fixed the issue.

There is an undocumented setting on the SQ-1.

In Global Parameter mode, turning the Duty/Function button off (unlit) will cause sync-out clock voltages to be higher than normal (additional 4 volts). The Pocket Operators’ sync-in can’t handle this.

Turning the Duty/Function button on (lit) in Global Parameter mode sets clock voltages to the default (under 1v) which works fine with the Pocket Operators.

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@pistachio Thank you for sharing this less-than-obvious setting.

I can’t find it documented anywhere except for this forum, so I quoted you in a demo video that shows the PO-32 and Make Noise 0-Coast synchronized by my Korg SQ-1.

So I’m trying to sync my PO 14 with my 0-coast and SQ-1 I followed all the steps and I got it to sync BUT I don’t know what to connect to the OUT on my PO, how would I get it to the speakers with everything els? It just seems to use the built in speaker In the PO

More precisely, the manual is full of mistakes. That function is mentioned in the Global Parameter settings under Sync In and Sync out polarity. But, it says the MODE button does the change, instead of DUTY

The Sequence step resolution is wrong as well. It doesn’t work as per what the manual says

I think I’ve understood this correctly but just to be sure. You could use the sq-1 as a bridge between midi clock and audio clock? So for example I could send midi clock from the sq-1 to a daw or yamaha keyboard or delay pedal or line 6 gear or whatever and simultaneously send an audio sync signal from the sq-1 to my pocket operators? If so it seems like an answer to many prayers.

Never thought about it but a Volca with the midi out mod should also work ?