Korg Volca Bass + OP1

Can somebody please tell me how to specifically sync these 2 synths together? Can I use a standard headphone jack? And is there a way to use MIDI from one device to another? I believe the Korg has a sync in and out with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and also a midi jack. I’m technically retarded when it comes to syncing synthesizers.

Check out the comments in this thread - it’s covered here…


1. You can sync via MIDI but you'll need a computer and MIDI interface (OP-1 (via USB) -> Laptop ->Midi Interface ->Volca)

2. Record click track from sync out into tape, pan to the right or left and send to the sync in on the volca via a split audio cable.

Highly appreciate the feedback guys! @duncmc, the link you posted isn’t taking me into a thread, only a comment box. Also @ghostly606, could you elaborate on number 2? I’m confused I don’t understand what you mean.

@calicaux This post possibly explains it better:


Either use a tape track or a sequence to send the click to either the left or right.

the link you posted isn't taking me into a thread, only a comment box

Oops - sorry! Comment edited - I think it works now.

Ok I understand this a lot clearer now, thanks @ghostly606, but how do I record a click track from the volca to the op1? Not sure what to do specifically. Do I just press a note on the korg and lay it on the drum sampler then shorten that note to a small click sound? Sorry I’m not very synth savvy.

The idea is to connect the sync out (not audio out) from the Volca to the OP-1, press play, and sample the output. The Volca sync outputs an audio pulse.

Ok @wingo, can this be done with one 3.5 mm audio jack then?

@Calicaux yup - the little sync cable that comes with the Volca should do the trick, or anything similar.

@wingo. I plugged sync cable from the sync out on the volca. I went to record on the drum sampler and I can hear the audio click. I put the click on the sampler but now what do I do???

I’ve never done it personally, but from what I understand the idea is to isolate one good click, and then sequence that as a series of 1/8 notes (I think). That way you can control the tempo. Then record that sequence to a panned tape track which can be sent back out to the Volca sync input.

This seems like a neat trick and I’ll probably give it a try just to see how it works. This method is basically a clever workaround. I’ve only done it the conventional way via midi, but that requires a host box like the Oplab or iConnect or whatever.

@wingo. Thanks I really appreciate the help. I kinda sorta played around and kinda sorta understand it. This just seems like more trouble than it’s worth. I’m happy with matching tempos on both devices and calling it a day!

I try matching tempos but nothing quite like having things truly synced up.

I’m thinking of getting an OP1 - can it not transmit MIDI clock?

It can transmit MIDI clock, but over USB.

Ok right, which is why people were reccomending going though a laptop first… I see. Bit of a shame, as I’m quite a fan of computerless setups for jamming on. Does it slave to an external clock without a computer?

Can I ask, what other MIDI out capabilities does it have - I couldn’t finds anything on their website. E.g. can you use the sequencer to trigger other gear?


For what it’s worth, I have a volca, and the only time I could get it syncing using the sync input, was with a 707 rimshot sound! Worked both with a TR-707, and my Boss DR 220.

@OllyV I have managed sync via the other Volcas (I had all 4 but just sold my Beats), and via the OP-1 as per the method outlined above.

I believe the sequencer does send MIDI out data never tried myself. All keys / knobs are MIDI assignable. It would slave to MIDI clock assuming it comes in via USB, either via computer or USB hub such as a Kenton or OPLab, etc.

i personally think the midi is much more useful, altho it requires an extra device.

whatever u plug in becomes more of an extension of the op1 itself. like a mind meld

the sequencers do send midi!