Korg Volca Drum & Mini Modular

Cuckoo has at least the Drum one!

The Modular is quite exciting, here’s the CDM review: http://cdm.link/2019/01/review-volca-modular-takes-on-creative-synthesis-in-a-small-package/

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ill prolly get the drum on release POLY METER FUCKING FINALLY.
the modular totally seems like a nod to the buchla easel!
I kinda want to wait for the inevitable more fleshed out modular volca? hopefully they continue with that! compared to the easel I think its missing another voice and a second keyboard. but with volcas knob recording who knows might be perfect!



for all the bastl/kastl heads.

i think iam getting one just for the breadboard.

it’s a no brainer to add oscillators and modulators for less than 2,- expanding it.

…build this gate trigger one as an expansion for oplab or any other CV source to use the signals on the breadboard. with led feedback. :sunglasses:

Yeah the Drum is really interesting! Here’s a short intro by Korg:

Although I really like my Nord Drum 2, the interface is terrible. The Volca Drum looks like it’s really fun to program sounds and patterns with it. Anybody want to buy my ND2 & the pad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an update, got my hands on a Volca Drum today… And yes, I sold my Nord Drum 2 a few months back. =) Not a big fan on the Volca UI but excited to sequence it from the Octatrack. Really love the sound of this thing.