Labeling your OP-Z

I’m pretty new to the OP-Z, but finally got my head around applying Step components (super helpful in creating patterns that sound more diverse/alive) and the Performance/Punch in effects.

All that being said, I haven’t got it memorized, so took a label maker and made decals with the labels.

I also labeled the white keys, since I’m not a keyboard player, but started doing more with key/scales, etc.

What do others use to help them find the ‘lay of the land’?

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I added some scales info.:slight_smile:


Love the home made stuff, looks dope!

In case it is useful for anybody… Oversynth has some cool skins too

I haven’t splurged yet, but keep thinking about it.

I like the idea of those, but I think they are a little expensive and a bit too busy.

I would just want the bottom part of the sticker to cover the ‘black and white keys’. Also, for me, I really need the Key/Letters for the keys.

those 5 tiny strips of electricians tape make my life so much easier!


well done ,simple and efficient !