Last Hope - a new multi scene videopak. Spaceships, Fighters, Mechs

Last Hope
Just finished this one, check it out

It has 3 different scenes to switch between with op-z synchronisation and triggers.
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That’s cool. I’m wanting to buy this but I gotta ask, do I need to do anything special to get it to work? I can figure out how to get it in op-z by looking at the manual I know. I’m just asking if there’s anything else. Very cool though.

hey man, if you can run the op-z app on ios and connect it with the op-z via bluetooth, you don’t need anything else.

btw i think ive seen some of your videos, good stuff.

Thanks! Yeah I’m about to get this. Looks cool and I’m tired of using the same two videopaks all the time.

I should say, I guess you need a PC or Mac of some kind because you need to transfer the file to your iOS device via iTunes or the MacOS system.

As a test, I’ve also made a Windows application build to use on a PC desktop because why not.
Can give that a spin if you are keen.

I can use it with an OP-Z plugged in via USB, and also another midi device like an OP-1…obviously not quite as useful without a proper sequencer system like the OP-Z.