Latest Digital Pocket operator - The POG8 (gameboy)

Hi peeps,

I’ve created a Pocket Operator for the gameboy.

You can freely play it here (and also find the source code):


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Nice! Did you make this in GB Studio? Would it be possible to get a .pocket file for Analogue Pockets? Great work!


Thank you for your feedback.
POG8 is indeed made in Gb studio (V3).

I’ve generated a .pocket file at your request:

Let me know if something would be wrong.


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popped it on the odroid-go works well. jamming on the dpad is fun. but didnt get far with the sequencer. thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! You should def post a download for that on the main itch page! Also, there’s a strong community of folks who enjoy LSDJ and Nanoloop on the Analogue Pocket subreddits/other forums if you wanted more exposure!

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Awesome to see!

Thank you so much for the suggestions.

Good luck on making some great sounds!