Latest Firmware update problem

I just recently purchased an OPLAB (mid December 2015)

I have downloaded and followed the instructions for doing the update as outlined in the readme file.

Booted up and see 4 blinking lights. Plugged in the usb from my Macbook Pro to the OPLAB

It appears as an i/O device in C6

I loaded the OPLAB into Electrons C6 transfer utility.

Hit transfer and it shows it transfering in C6, but I do not see any progressive lights on the OPLAB.
And when C6 is finished transferring, the 4 LED’s are still flashing on the OPLAB

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

you have to mark the Oplab IN/OUT inside C6 to send it properly.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I made sure that the OPLAB was selected (highlighted in blue) for in and out.

Have same problem. File transfer but no progressive blinking lights.


i have the same problem! i’m solve it using my old mac with yosemite and it updated perfectly. You can try!

I have used SySex librarian and not C6

Yes, I tried it with SysEX Librarian as well and also does not work. I will try updating it with Yosemite as I think I have an old Mac Mini laying around. Thanks so much for the tip. Hey TE, please update the firmware update to work with El Capitan if this is the case.

Just upgraded the firmware using OS Yosemite and it all went well.

TE needs to post a notice saying this is the solution (until the can come out with a firmware update that supports El Capitan)
Everyone should be make aware of this current upgrade path.