Latest firmware?

Is 1.5.8 the latest for where? Thank you for any help.

Mine shows 1.5.9

Ok thank you so much!

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mine shows 1.5.8 - i am using the iPhone app so perhaps there is a disparity between android and iOS? just thinking out loud

iOS user here.
Showing 1.5.9

very strange. maybe there are disparities between diff versions of the iphone etc. mine shows 1.5.8 and i have an iPhone 12 mini running 16.6.1 ios version.

I do have the iPhone 13 standard running iOS 17.1
It may very well be that.
Since iOS 17 and the iPhone 15 have notoriously caused some trouble, I wouldn’t be surprised they only push updates when needed, depending on your hardware

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makes sense. i will stick with iOS 16 for the time being then. no issues so far with my OP1F + OB4 and hoping to keep it that way but i know there are a fair share of issues out there.

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