Launchpad Pro MK3 compatibility with OP-1& OP-Z?

Does anyone know if the Launchpad Pro MK3 can be used to input notes into the OP-1 or OP-Z? Primarily interested in using the scale and chord functionality on the Launchpad to program and play things in key on those devices.

I can only speak to op-z since I don’t have an op-1 but it does work with op-z with some caveats.

The op-z doesn’t supply enough power to the LPP to be able to turn it on, it just endlessly tries to boot. So you either have to power the launchpad separately via usb and use the 1/8 inch midi connections to an op-lab module OR get a split usb-c cable like this

Honestly, I really wish the launchpads either had internal batteries or two USB ports for this exact reason.