Layering up FX?


Is there a way of layering up FX? Say i have a vocal with a reverb on - great. But what if i want to add some additional delay to that vocal too? As soon as i record that vocal to tape - there does not seem to be a way of over dubbing additional fx to it? This could be a simple 101 question (only had the op-1 for a week). Are there any work arounds for this?

You can get two effects in a chain without much hassle by using the white ear (one on the drum/synth patch and one on master).

What I often do though is take a 12 second segment of effected audio, load it into the drum sampler and then re-record that to tape with a new effect in the sampler.

Sorry forgot to say thanks for the info Yoof…That worked a treat!

No probs, glad it helped :slight_smile: