LED VU meter not working

I recently noticed that LED VU meter is no longer working/lighting up at all.

Doesn’t show the level nor show my battery charge.

Anyone have this issue before or have any suggestions in fixing it?

I had that happen myself, and just sent it in for repair.

My guess, a ribbon cable that needs to be reseated… but not sure.

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Did it cost anything?
Does TE make the process relatively painless?
How long did it take for them to send it back?

My apologies for the barrage of follow up questions.

No idea, but you can file a ticket on their site. I’m out of warranty anyways, bought it at launch, and the TRRS jack went funky… so second time it is in. That said, it got there last Tuesday, haven’t heard anything back yet for an update… but hopefully I’ll get an update soon and know how much it costs to repair.

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Status update… TE got the package, but had to reach out to see if they had my OP-1 Field. It took about two weeks before they got around to repair it, and had to pay quite a bit for the parts/labor/shipping. Apparently the VU meter repair required a new board. Bummer, but I wanted to have the OP-1 Field in proper working order. Hope I’ll get it back soon!

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