Legato mode not sliding?

Hi guys,

I just got my OP-1 and I can already tell this one’s a keeper. I don’t see myself ever getting rid of this studio swiss army knife.

I’m having an issue with the legato mode however. I hold shift+2 to bring up the window for switching legato/mono/poly/etc, however when I play notes there’s no slide from one to the next. Am I missing a step?


when you´re in legato mode, don´t forget to set the value (it think with the blue knob)…should work!

Ah- the portamento setting! I was thinking that was voicing numbers for some reason. That did it- thanks for the quick reply!

I had it in my head that portamento and legato are different things. I thought that portamento was a way of controlling how long it takes for one note to slide to another in terms of pitch and that legato was a way to tie notes together such that subsequent notes become an extension of the sustain phase of the first note. Could someone correct me if I’ve been muddling it up?

Sounds about right.Legato stops the envelop from retriggering on held notes.
My portamento acts strange sometimes,seeming to fail to bend on some notes ,then starts working.

Yes I know what you mean, mine does that too. A little quirky :slight_smile:


proof the op1 has a soul.