Lend Me Your Tracks


An exciting time has arrived in my hobby timeline. For the love of music I would love to lend you my ears and gear.

I finally have found a decent amp to power my NS-10’s that were laying dormant. I have the Waves Mercury bundle, Izotope’s Ozone 6, and a bunch of other plugins and I’d like to offer my services to mix and master your tracks so I can hone my skills in this particular field.

Would there be anybody interested in having me mix and/or master your tracks for free?

Enjoy your day and hooray for Friday’s!

only if you share some info on the process so maybe we can learn some too : )

That sounds like a nice angle. I’ll blog the process with a video’s and make everything as transparent as possible!

Thanks bro!

I’ve been working on a ‘test track’ recently and, admittedly, I’m still learning about mixing, so I’d be more than happy for you to have a go mixing and mastering my track if you don’t mind working with the material of a relative novice (to the OP-1 at least - I’ve been making music for years)?

Wow nice ! Have you got some tracks already mastered somewhere ?

Yes my brother! That sounds great, let’s learn together.

I should add that other music created with DAWs like Logic, Ableton etc are encouraged! My services aren’t strictly reserved for music created by the Op-1.

So feel free to send any stems you have and I’ll do my best with the knowledge I currently have :slight_smile:

Wow nice ! Have you got some tracks already mastered somewhere ?

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Erm, nope! This is relatively new to me!

Great stuff. What file format would you like the stems in? I’ll probably send them on WeTransfer so what’s the best email address?

Thanks for checking your inbox!

Great stuff. What file format would you like the stems in? I'll probably send them on WeTransfer so what's the best email address?

Let’s get this show on the road!

yo anything that stands out to you on soundcloud.com/sneakyness, have at it! If you need files shoot me an email sneakyness@sneakyness.com

Take whichever you like:


The tracks are under Creative Commons license, so you can do almost anything you want with them. (If something isn’t, let me know and I’ll fix the license.) Some of them actually have no mastering at all. Straight from the synth.

Thanks for all the offerings everyone! I really appreciate it! Today I had great fun with Cityscape’s rhythm track. I loved the fact that I got to work with the actual stems. This is much more preferable for me as I like to get as surgical as possible.

His production was an experiment with the Op-1 to see what he could get out of it. It was great to work with these stems from the Op-1. Having one myself I know it’s capabilities.

Also, after going through this process today I’ve found a more preferable way to work.
I wouldn’t mind practicing the mastering process but I feel I can yield more results by putting the stems under the knife first so please consider that. I also need the volume of each stem to be pretty low (-12ish) so I have enough headroom for the mix down and then the master.

Cityscape made all of that easy and made me realise the potential headaches. If any of you guys feel like you’d like me to take a look at your stems first then please inbox me and we shall take it from there.

I finished the mix down in three hours and gave it a rest for the day. I will check the mix again tomorrow on my Adam A8X’s, and various different speakers and if it is good I will let Cityscape decide if there are any changes before I go ahead with the mastering process.

Thanks for reading the update everyone! I have a full time job but I will try and do as many things as possible!


Wow! This forum is so f*cking great :slight_smile: Really nice offer, @HisMostDarxxxellent. Finishing some stuff, will be a pleasure to send to you :slight_smile:

Its thanks too everybody else that this forum is great!

I was a bit worried if I was clogging up the board, I’m sorry about that.

It’s a great feeling to be on this forum with like minded people.

Thank you for your response everybody in regards to all of your replies for this post.


Here once again, thanks a million for your offerings (⌒▽⌒)
I will get back to everybody after my bee like existence experiences a break and the nature of my work goes into hibernation for my schools summer holidays.

I’ve already listened to almost all of your tracks, I’m looking forward to ploughing into your artistic natures soon!


Hello everyone!

I’ve been busying myself with the study of the famed and adored Op-1.

Wow nice ! Have you got some tracks already mastered somewhere ?

@quartantequatre yes! Finally I have some references for you.

Straight from the Op-1;

Mixed down;

Master (available for download);

The differences are subtle in the mixdown version but the plug-ins are expensive and add extra dynamic enhancements.

The Op-1 is so cool! It’s the coolest thing I own on planet earth. These sounds were inspired from @virtual flannel. Thanks again V-F! :wink:

I hope you guys like what you hear!


The progress across those three tracks is really cool to hear.

It completely opens up.