Letter from CEO - co-founders of Nothing

TE is now co-founder at nothing? The statement seemed kind of vague to me, as far as what it means for future TE products. I’m hoping this is a good thing, and will lead to more interesting products released at a better pace?

What is your source?

Edit: OK, I checked my own mails:

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OP-1 anniversary :eyes::eyes:

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What does Tom Howard means at the end?

“I mean [ye] there’s [a] gonna be enough [ng] cuts of the [v] of the voice”.


I’m all for black and grey keys!!

I think he just means that they must have filmed enough footage/content for the editor to put together a video. The whole thing is strangely silly haha

Hopes: The split will enable Teenage Engineering to put more resources into making and improving audio products like the OP-1, OP-Z, Pocket Operators, etc… while avoiding the urge to work on unrelated cameras, video game consoles, lights etc… Nothing will take over the responsibility of all tangental consumer products and the funding made from selling these products will become a resource to support Teenage Engineering in the development of deeper tools for audio creatives.

Fears: Teenage Engineering will stay the same seemingly unfocused company but now half their staff will be distracted even further by the production of a venture capital funded cellphone at Nothing. They will fail to live up to the level of user support and communication expected from a company that has produced one of the most popular synthesizers on earth and instead will reserve that level of healthy communication only for their fancy new investors.


according to the website u could become one of those fancy new investors!


Sounds like TE are creating s spin-off company for their customer service dept. :slight_smile:



Perfect résumé.:ok_hand: And I’m still dreaming of à TE mpc… :drooling_face:


anyone planning to invest?

I live in the United States. Can I invest in Nothing?

Specific regulations (set by the SEC in the US) apply to investments by US residents.

Because of these restrictions: sorry you won’t be able to participate in this raise.

If you’re resident in the US, have accredited investor status (within the definition set forth in Rule 501 (a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act) and keen to become a Nothing investor, please reach out to us at invest-usa@nothing.tech for more information on upcoming raises.

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