LFO speed values?

Hi everyone.

What are the actual LFO speeds/rates supported by the Op-1 - i.e. I am still a bit confused about the "number" display and the "clock" display and their relative values.

Apologies if this was asked / explained elsewhere (could not find the info).

Thanks for any help & have a great week.
I guess not LFOs have a clock, but at least for the Tremolo and Value LFOs, the manual says:
The LFO clock found in the tremolo and the value LFO modes indicate a tempo locked clock with numbers and a free running clock with hand.

If I remember correctly, looking at the speed control like a clockface - from 6-12am (the left hand side) displays numbers which are increments of time based on BPM setting. From 12am-6pm (right hand side) is more freeform and nearing 6 can generate some interesting frequency modulation on certain settings.

Cool. That makes sense. Many thanks for your feedback.