LFO - The movie

Saw a movie yesterday in which the OP1 is a guest star. It’s on netflix (in swedish).

The movie is about a guy that finds a frequency that hypnotizes people. Then it gets kinda twisted and dark =)


Have anyone seen it?

There was this thread about the competition on the trailer soundtrack.

I had forgotten about the movie ^^
I have to find it !

Missed that thread. Definitley worth watching. Not the best movie out there but interesting though.

When I watched LFO on Netflix I wanted to start a thread too discuss it too. It was fun to see the OP-1s cameo, it was like seeing a good friend play an extra in a hit movie. :slight_smile:

I’d agree the movie isn’t top notch, buy it definitely has a great concept. I think it would’ve been a more engaging film if they a had a bigger budget, different art direction, cinematography, and etc. It’s marketed as a sci-fi dark comedy, but when they cut to scenes of the main character playing with the OP-1 or tenori-on, I scoffed and giggled haha.

If they had more coin, I think it would’ve made more sense to prop the set with a big ass modular system. A wall covered with knob, patches, and blinking LEDs to give the set more of a laboratory feel would’ve been more convincing in exploring sounds.

What happened to that competition?

Thanks guys for the feedback… I’m so found of low-budget original sci-fi movies like Primer, I have to watch this one.

As for the competition, it was a pleasure to see that the best track won, obviously :slight_smile:
The jury really took the time to come up with a decent winner.

Primer is one of my faves! Have you seen Upstream Color?

Today a saw another Swedish music-movie. Kinda silly and mediocre, but the sessions when they played were cool. It’s about six renegade drummers who perform “gerilla” concerts.
Sound of Noise
Also available on netflix

@Defectus Yes, I watched it a month ago… I really like the tone of the movie, Shane Carruth is really original.

Looking forward to his next movie, the modern ocean. Although the plot doesn’t seem super interesting, it’ll probably be good