LFO woes (LFWO's?)

There are two things I can’t quite work out, particularly in the Element synth. First, the symbol that looks like a capital M in it’s side - I literally cannot work out what the hell this does. I imagine this is the one that the guide refers to as “synth engine level”. Does this mean how loud the synth is, is then modulating itself? Is it like a feedback loop to a specific destination?

The other one that gets my goat is the destination symbol that looks like the pitch/trem icon. I can’t get it to anything ont he pitch at all. It’s super annoying. I’m trying to find a decent workaround for a pitch envelope to make some decent kicks, and it’s just. not. happening.

LFO’s are still my biggest letdown with the OP :frowning:

That sideways M is a sigma which is used in maths to denote a sum. For all I could make out this is an envelope follower kinda thing on the current synth. Unfortunately it’s not including the output of the channel you’re currently on which would make it super handy for side chaining.

About the pitch change: That works for me e.g. on the FM synth, with a no-sustain envelope and the envelop-element LFO with the tremolo destination and the green target I get some nice sounds. If you have trouble dialing this in let me know and I’ll attach a patch.


I just found out that if you use the mic source instead and set it to the FM radio, you can get some wild results with every synth engine!