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I was informed that having one topic for all of my TE related content would be more organized / less pollution for this forum and I couldn’t agree more. So here we are :slight_smile:

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My latest comparison was quite controversial apparently // OP-1 vs Digitakt- here’s the full video:

And before going bonkers about THAT comparison- let me lvl you out with one that has more workflow crossover :rofl:

My problem with the Digitakt is that every demo seems to be made by people who want to make music that, for want of a better phrase, lots of people like. The amazing thing about the OP-1 to me is that it has created a scene of people quietly, with no prospect of any commercial release, producing music that is frequently absolutely wild. I don’t mean techno with a slightly different donk, or the millionth flipped sample with a hiphop beat. I mean, a drum loop re-played on segmented phonemes from a newsreader they captured off the radio instead of drums, something they sang into the mic processed horribly through the cow into a semi rhytmic texture, a beautifully broken and misguided attempt at a rock bassline using a synth, and so on. It’s bloody glorious, the tool lends itself to it, and so many people hear its crazy call. To be honest, when I see people like Liam making conventional dance or hiphop music on an OP1, I’m kind of impressed, even though I’m totally not into that kind of music, because I just think… it must have been really hard to make the OP-1 do something so vanilla. Sorry if that sounds mean, it’s intended to be praise of the OP-1, rather than a diss of the music most people like which is, after all, greatly loved by most people.


Took me about a week for process WTF happened at SuperBooth :smiling_face_with_tear:

Here’s my take on the OP-1 Field / TX-6 / Polyend Play / Syntakt + Uno Drum: My take on the OP-1 Field / TX-6 / Polyend Play / Syntakt // SuperBooth 2022 - YouTube

Opinions about new TE prices be firey right now! :fire:


I waited for the dust to settle a little on this one. My first impression and in depth review of the TX-6 // Pros vs Cons and practical uses of the instrument:


I hope op-1 field is coming soon!

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You’re still waiting on it?

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Here’s somebody waiting for that first Liam video on OP-1 Field. And btw… waiting for my Field to come too. :wink:


Yep! Should arrive Friday apparently!

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Oh! Don’t got one yet!


Whether you’re using the OG OP-1 or the Field, these are core OP-1 features that may have slipped through the cracks

Even after spending years with the OP-1, there’s still a few things that slipped in between the cracks.

Whether you’re using the OG OP-1 or the Field, these are core OP-1 features that you may have missed:


Still OP-winning!

I just keep going back to it for sampling and i’ve found that combining different tempo samples that “aren’t supposed to fit” is often where the magic happens:

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Considering the discontinuation of the OG OP-1 and just the general confusion around Teenage Engineering as a company, today felt like a good day to drop this video: