License for stock samples on TE products

Where can I find the license for the stock samples on the OP-1/OP-Z/POs? It’s boring but it seems quite important for anyone looking to commercially release music made with these products.


Thanks! To quote that page:

teenage engineering exclusively owns the samples and factory content in the following instruments. the use of this content for music creation is royalty free.

  • OP–1
  • OP–Z
  • other pocket operators
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Can anyone clarify if that means we can use the street fighter samples in a track, or no?

Royalty free means you can use any of the sounds (including street fighter) in your tracks. I’d say D double E paid for use of the samples in Street Fighter Riddim

but using a Pocket Operator gives you license to the sounds on it. Law is confusing but this site tries to explain it.

A good loophole is you can sample anything you want as long as you don’t make money on it

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Nah, that loophole is “you can sample anything you want as long as nobody notices it and sues for damages”.

Here’s a good rundown:


Thank you guys. Trying to be black and white about law espesh copyright is the problem I was having I guess haha.

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FWIW, personally, I go the safe route and don’t use anything I don’t have an explicit license for. Who knows what happens in the future with any of the things I’m making now. Probably nothing though :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m really glad the samples TE uses are royalty free!

Your question about the Street Fighter Samples: Yes, if the device that made them in the track was the PO. No if you copy the samples elsewhere and run them from there.


I think the what the licence states is that you can use them, not resell / redistribute them.

So basically it means do not use samples and factory content if there is probability, that your music will be played in malls, for example. Straightforward with samples.
But what this said “factory content” means? Will I be issued in case of using synth engines?

I think it is a little different: you can use the samples for original music production, but you cannot distribute the samples yourself.

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Just started to investigate this topic more deeply and found this point of view(screen shot attached(hopefully I’m not breaking the laws by doing this)):

And this made me mad. Seriously. Maybe not the best comparison, but it sounded for me like: “You can buy our electric guitar, but not able to play on a stage without giving us back the half of your revenue”

By this topic I don’t only mean “what you’re allowed to do”, the issue stands: what you’d better not to do, to avoid future problems.

Looks a little bit weird…