lift + drop adds time. help.

When i record a track and then slice it to an exact length on a beat marker (for example 8.00 seconds) and then lift and drop multiple times, the dropped track starts adding time after a few drops - (i.e. 8.00, 16.00, 24.01, 32.01, 40.01, 48.02). this causes the other tracks that are correct to be off rhythm. Is there a way to correct this?

i’d say your original 8 sec slice isn’t 8 seconds. beatmarkers mark beats, not seconds. so just work with beats and it’ll all line up.

but if you don’t use beatmarkers for cuts, then this should work – go to the end of one of the tracks (say on track one) that is the length you want. now press track two. hit cut. boom, your two tracks are exactly the same length now.

and if that doesn’t work…then you’ll just have to embrace beats that aren’t perfectly on beat. you’ll sound all wonky like the beatles and rolling stones. some people like that sort of stuff.

@squiddly thanks for the suggestion. Will give that a shot.

Yes use the beat markers.
If you just lift then drop multiple times it will shift off grid, so therfore it’s nessessery to shift <&> to aline to beat markers before each drop.
Quirk of the OP 1.