Lift/drop clarification

Forever hitting the preset limit in the synth sampler. Thinking about making a couple of chains that I can pull sounds from drum to synth.

Can I lift individual ‘slice’ from drum > synth?

Obvs drum samples are longer max length than synth sample, so I’m just wondering what happens when you lift from drum > synth? Can you define section to lift?or does it take all of the sample and truncate it? If so which part gets truncated? The 2nd half?

Sorry for questions, not with my Op1 today but got laptop and planning to make some chains if it’s feasible…


Anyone? Just need to know what happens when lift a key/slice/sample from drum to sampler? :wink:

As far as I know, you can’t actually lift audio from a synth/drum.

Lift/drop is primarily a tape action, but it has some special cases for synth and drum.

Dropping will put something lifted from the tape into the drum/sampler.
Lifting will do nothing (I believe).

Holding a drum key and lifting/dropping is a special function where it lifts/drops parameters, not audio. It just copies level, start/end point, loop mode, etc, and does not shuffle actual audio data.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s a shame. I must have imagined going drum>synth before or reading it.

Guess I could still use a saved drum sample as a chain for synth samples but will need to record it to tape first when I want to use one of those sounds in synth. Not ideal but going to make a few anyway and see if I end up using them…

You can use lift drop in drum sampler as described by beefinator,
But you could lift from drum and drop in synth sampler (I just test it, it only take the first 6sec)
Unfortunately I didn’t succeed to lift from synth sampler to drum