Lift from Tape/ Drop to Drum Sample only works once

I have a lift/drop issue with firmware 241:

When I lift from tape and drop to drum sampler it works the FIRST time. But after that, I have to restart the OP-1 to get it to work again.

Steps I use:

  1. Tape mode: cut either end of a stretch of tape. Lift.
  2. Switch to Drum mode. Click a preset location: click Drop.

Always works first time, just don’t know what happens (or what I’m doing wrong) on subsequent tries to drop a lifted tape sample to the Drum sequencer.

if i’m not mistaken this is a known bug. been around for awhile. :man_shrugging:

Forgot to mention…TE suggested that I select a new preset, choose a ‘standard’ drum setting and apply it to that different preset location. I think that works sometimes? But generally I have to turn the OP-1 off then back on to get it to work a second time.