Lifting from tape, dropping to drum sampler

I can’t seem to have a consistent behaviour when I want to transfer a clip that’s on tape to the drum sampler. What I mean is that I wouldn’t be able to write a procedure for it. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn’t. Any cues would be appreciated—thanks.

Are you trying to drop more than 12 seconds when it fails?

In the drum sampler, you can lift and drop settings (start, end, play mode, etc) between keys. If you do that, it triggers a bug that means your next drop of a section of tape into the drum sampler won’t work. You have to restart your op-1 to “reset” the bug. A fix for that is actually my number one wish for an OS update. Could it be that’s what you’re experiencing?

Have you tried just sampling the audio out. It’s Not an answer why, but a possible work around. An added benefit to this is you can boost the signal with the master drive section if you need.

Thanks for your answers.

@KrisM, no that's not it.

@yoof, I think that's it. I think I may have a workaround to make it work without restarting the OP-1. I'll make sure it works and post back.

Ooh, interested to hear about that workaround. Let us know if it works!

If I first lift the whole drum sampler (by simply using the lift key), then drop to an empty spot on tape, then lift the clip I want from tape, I’m able to drop to drum sampler. Hope it makes sense. Please confirm.

@nortone81, thanks for the tip.

Nice one @thie1210, will try it and report back.

Just want to confirm that works @thie1210! Great workaround, thanks :slight_smile: So, if we encounter that bug, we just need to do a dummy lift of the whole drum sampler (actually, there’s no need to drop it somewhere afterwards - the lift fixes it by itself).