lightning USB splitter for iPhone 7 - does it work with MIDI?

Here’s my idea:

  1. Connect USB to iPhone 7 and run OP-1 in MIDI mode to control various music making apps on iphone.

2). Using a splitter, route the audio out to OP-1 for recording and editing on OP-1.

Has anyone done this? Does a lightning audio splitter still accept a MIDI signal? I’m starting to wish I had a 6S :frowning:

Are you talking about the Belkin Rockstar splitter thing?

Because if so, one of the comments on there says that it doesn’t pass USB data through it. Looks like it is intended solely for audio and charging and no other combination.

Maybe this would work though?

It has an audio out plus a lightning connection. No guarantees that it will work. But at least something you could try and return if it doesn’t work properly. You could even try right in the store.

Yes, the belkin one is essentially what I’m looking for. The dock would work, I just wish there was a more portable option. Thanks for finding that though!