Limit Meter after firmware update 1.2.7

Does anybody elses Limit Meter show clipping (or close) after a note is played regardless of volume? Is there a way to calibrate?

EDIT: Realizing now, I had the volume set with the orange knob pretty high on the tape… but it’s still very sensitive seeming.

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Yeah! I’ve been tripping, turned the synth volume down (via the envelope Shift page) and then had to turn the tape volume down quite a bit.

I mean I guess it’s not a problem, but it definitely felt like it changed and so it’s been taking some getting used to.

it seams like some of the presets and default tape gain level produce clipping right off the bat.

I’m guessing this has to do with how they allowed the ability to have independent master settings for each tape, versus sharing them all. Perhaps you updated, then went back to a song you originally mixed loud and had to turn down the master to compensate, but then turned the master up on your next song? I had to go through all my songs and fix the master settings for each, tedious, but I am very happy to have individual master settings from here forward.

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Yeah. That’s right. I had to go back and make some adjustments.