Limiter threshold question

Hi all,

Besides obvious clipping, is there any way to tell if the limiter threshold has been reached? I have no idea if any of these little moving characters on the screen are telling me anything :slight_smile: Obviously Iā€™d prefer to back off the volume if the limiter is kicking in.



The codec limiter is enabled for line in, but there is no way for the MCU to check if it is active (there is no status register for that information). The codec compressor is always disabled for line out, but the PO firmware could be doing that function itself. I think it would be easier to investigate that with the PO-12, since it allows multiple engines to play at the same time.

By the way, as I mentioned somewhere else, at least for the PO-14, it looks like volume level 13 and beyond may introduce heavy clipping/distortion.