"Limiting" myself to the OP-1 for a few weeks

Hi guys,

I'm new on this forum and very glad to be part of it. I have owned an OP-1 for a year now. I have used it mainly for sampling purposes given the great synth engines the unit has been gifted with. I have been using mpc1k/ableton combo for years, I sample a LOT (https://soundcloud.com/le-filou). I recently took the OP with me on vacation and had a glimpse of the sampling potential of this marvel (the radio!!)... wow. And... it is so much fun, always hungry for more.

I live in the UK and we're moving houses and the process should take a month if not more. During that time, my home studio, LPs, speakers and instruments will be all packed and I will find myself with just the OP1 (and spotify and FM antenna for sampling - big big change as I usually only sample bargain bin vinyls and cheap music toys...). Although it's a bit shit to not now exactly when I'll be able to plug everything back, I am glad to only have the OP-1 as a studio as otherwise it would be tough to only stick to it. I think it is going to be a lot of fun.

Just wanted to share OP-1 related thoughts.



I love it when life throws you situations that limit your usual toolset. It’s a great chance to really learn a piece of gear, and when you have no other options for tools, it’s can be amazing what you come up with. Only had my OP-1 about 6 weeks, but now that I feel comfortable with how everything works, I plan on just limiting myself to mine as well. Should be fun!

Thanks. Exactly what I meant. I am quite hopeful to be comfortable enough with it to, why not, organize a raw trip hoppy 30mn liveset. Few practical things I have yet to find out are how to back up tape tracks and reimport them on the OP1 in a desired order with the liveset in mind…
This situation comes at the right time as I’m getting growingly tired of the mpc/ableton combo. All my latest tracks sound the same and even producing isn’t much fun. I guess one is the consequence of the other. Digging in London however, never gets old :slight_smile:
Nuff said, let’s do this!

I don’t have an OP-1 yet, but I am getting very close to getting one. When I do, I want to spend time just learning it. So I am learning some other gear first to get my live show squared away. Then I can focus on my new baby…

It’s like von Trier’s “The Five Obstructions”.

Setting up enforced equipment restrictions is a great tool for stoking the creative process.

Amen, I do it all the time. It definitely forces you to focus on good ideas, versus just noodling on random gear until something sorta sounds good. :slight_smile: Downside is that it forces you to focus on good ideas, and those are always few and far between here!

Well there is definitely the ‘learning the machine’ part before focusing on good ideas. Right now all I do sounds dog poop but I’m learning the basics which will help in the future. This machine as so much out of the box… I’m really digging into drums and synths sampling abilities.

Been limiting myself to the OP-1 for a few years now! That choice has really changed the game for me and taken my art to another level. I really feel I have mastered the OP-1 and making music on it is getting too easy, i think I’m going to push myself to incorporate the Octatrack more in the future. Limitations are so key for me. I tried to go back ITB but just can’t do it. Too many distractions, because you can do too much. I get overwhelmed by the paradox of choice!