Line In Distortion

I took hold of a shiny new OP-1f over the weekend. Loving it so far.

I’ve been doing some sampling of external instruments and I’m getting some weird distortion after what seems to be after making a sample recording. In other words, I go back and make another (or do a retake) and there is distortion.

If I power cycle the distortion goes away and I can sample cleanly again… but next time I try, it’s distorted again. It kinda sounds like sample rate reduction / digital distortion as it has a metallic tone to it.

It’s not the levels as it happens at any input level.

Anyone else getting this?

Hmmmmm - if I make a new sample (with the distortion) and then go ahead and make a new sample after than, then the distortion goes away. But it does come back again once I try and make another new sample.

I can live with it (saves me having to power cycle) but I hope it’s just a software glitch…

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Have you updated the firmware? I think the latest version fixes this issue.

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Thank you - I didn’t even think about checking for new firmware.

Solved it - thank you!!!


Hey Bud,
I had this problem to and i think line in goes through the sound path of both the sampling engine effects, as well as the master effects. I had to make sure to turn them both off before sampling then it went back to normal for me.