Line-In on iPhone

Hello operators,

I’m looking for an adapter to use the iPhone jack input as a line-in, to record everything directly when filming, or making sounds.

I’ve tried to search for TRRS things, but I don’t find pretty nice stuff…

What do you think about that ? ?

Thanks !

Blue Mikey Digital gives you stereo line input via the 30pin/lightning adapter. I use it all the time & seems to be pretty reliable.

I’ve got a standard cable like the one in your link but it doesn’t play well with the op-1 going in to iPhone. It distorts and clips massively then cuts out completely - I think it’s cos the signal is ‘Hot’ coming from Line-level.

A month or two I ordered one from the US that has an attenuator in-line that reduces the ‘hot’ signal to something the iPhone in can cope with.

Headset Buddy: Line-level Audio Adapter for iPhone

Thank you @DJHombre, but I’ve already got a microphone :slight_smile:

Good to know! Thank you. Is it this one ? What do you mean when you say “Hot” signal ?

@quarantequatre , the iPhone supports 4-pin headphone connector, expecting to find a microphone on the other end. Line level signal would be much louder. Even if it doesn’t distort, the iPhone would keep compressing the signal because that input was made for speech and speech sounds better that way.

You could try to get around the issue by attaching a class-compliant USB interface to the iPhone via the camera connection kit. Enjoy researching.

Behringer UCA222 or UCA202 is a cheap (30$) little audio interface compatible with iphone/ipad.

It’s slightly more expensive and larger than cable, but:

- You have 2 mono ins/outs that you can use separately, or 1 stereo in/out (iphone line in is mono only). With audiobus you can use it for real time FX for your guitar or synth, not only for recording.
- You have better line in audio quality.
- You have digital optical out (can transfer sound to good external gear without loss quality).
- You have monitor headphone output with volume pot.
- Additionally it can be useful if one of your laptop/pc have shitty soundcard, just to listen music in better quality:-)

I have UCA202, use it all the time.