Line in quality

So i’d like to have the tape output of my mixing board running into the op-1 (for sampling from many sources and using as a quick multi track recorder) but when i run anything (drum machine,guitar, etc) into the line in the sound seems compressed or at a lower quality than running out of the headphone/monitor output of the mixer. Any ideas. Is it just a lower quality preview of the sound and the files recorded to the op-1 will retain the full quality. Just feels like the frequencies have been narrowed down significantly or compressed.

There are certain factors which seem to affect line in recording. Check things like drive settings in the master fx section and whether USB is connected and charging. I think it’s also better to play the source as loud as possible and adjust the input gain appropriately.

Checked the fx and no different with usb unplugged. Maybe the sampling is a really low rate?

The op1 sums to mono before going back out to stereo again, so maybe you’re associating the narrowing of the stereo field from your board as your described “frequencies have been narrowed”?

If the signal is stereo, when it gets summed to mono there can be a lot of phase cancellation and other weirdness… try running just one side of the tape output into it and see if that helps?

That would definitely make sense. the merge to mono. The signal that was sounding the most narrowed coming from the analog RYTM. Thanks for the quick responses. pretty sure thats whats happening.

I completely forgot the input is mono. What a bummer. Was really hoping to do quick mixes recording from my mixer.

Yes Raigan brings up a great point with phase cancellation. i imagine FX would be the only culprit of the phase cancellation as long as the source is from a line level instrument, ie no muti or stereo miking. I realize it defeats the purpose of sampling the creations from your other boxes, but have you tried sampling the Rytm completely dry to see if that helps? I imagine as long as no fx are applied from the device or board, then the summing should be just as loud, if not louder from my own limited op-1 sampling experience.