Line In - recording sound level- issue/help iphone

Probably doing something wrong but thought i’ll ask!
Attempting to record from my iPhone (11) to op1 line in using lightning to 3.5 mm adapter & either mono or stereo Y split cable.
Issues im running into are:
1- Recording sound level very poor on tape despite sound level increased on iphone/op1. Can crank it up to max - but clipping occurs.
2- Drop recording from tape to sampler results in audio volume increase , like super high but yet tape sound source is very quiet.
3 - recording on tape/sampler has massive hissing/ sound artefact as if the recording is super low bit rate…

Any ideas??

1-Hey, this used to happen with some lightning to trrs adapters I used- some aren’t to spec. Also with line in stuff- try not using a splitter cable, just use a regular trs to trs cable and monitor your input from the OP1 headphone out. Sometimes I found using a ground loop isolater really helpful to tame line level input. Also are you charging the OP1 at the same time? If so try turning USB charging off in COM mode and check your results.

2- Check your mixer gain levels and audio/sample in line levels.

3-Related to 2, distortion can occur internally, from audio input gain levels if the gain staging is extreme.

check back in if this isn’t an immediate fix.


Cheers! Iam not charging op1 at the same time.
Tape recording level is 3/4 up which shouldn’t bring hissing.
Only have 1 official iphone lightning adapter & no ground isolater.what bothers me is the sound level discrepancy between the track on tape & the samplee…

Yeah I getcha, I do also find a small discrepancy between tape and sampler levels. some of my Patches seem to drop a small amount of volume when switching from say, the synth patch menu to the actual tape, but nothing as extreme as your stating.

I’ll run a couple of tests when I get home and see if I can help you out any further.