Line module track routing

Hello! I had a problem connecting the linear module. When I connect the line output of the module and assign tracks to the output , all eight tracks come from my main output and I cannot mute them. my task is to output four tracks from the module and four tracks from the main output. what am I doing wrong?

Assuming you’ve assigned them and they have the send level up to max.

I believe there is a control for track send/mix level so changes how much remains in the main signal. I think it would be shift + track button. That might be it. I think that confused me once before.

I don’t have my op-z with me now to check.

Also make sure you don’t have monitoring switched on. That totally confused me about what was happening in a pattern the other week.

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When you assign the four tracks to the line out, the dry level (Track + red/4th encoder) determines how much of the original signal is sent to Tape/FX1/FX2/Master. You’ll want to set the dry level to 0 if you don’t want to hear those tracks in the main mix.

You could also mute the audio of the tracks (hold Mixer, then press shift followed by the tracks to mute), which will mute their sends to the Master track but will continue sending audio to Line Out/Tape/FX1/FX2.


Thank you! I think it’s it!!!