Linked track not working with sequencer

I am trying to understand how to link tracks. I can play the linked track with the keys live, but it does not react to notes in the sequencer when I press play. Anyone know what I am missing?

you have to set both tracks to the same Midi Channel and you should enable „midi loop“ by going to track 14, press shift and light up button nr 8.

it’s a really neat trick with visuals aswell

Thank a lot! I am still not able to make it work though. Think I have done everyhing now, even reinnstalling the firmware. I might have to contact TE customer support then… ooph…

have the same problem. Track 14 is for the line in module so I cant do that.

I think it was one phase of firmware where this was possible, sampling and track 14 functions weren’t developed at that time. it was maybe a bug though

Tried it just now and it only work when manually playing keyes. Dead silent when running the sequencer. Same midi channel and midi echo, whatever that means, enabled