Linn LM1 samples

Anyone have these or seen these available for the OP-1?

I do have the Linn Drum samples already but need the LM1 specifically.

Prince drums in full effect.

I got some.

Putting them into the OP-1 drum utility now, and will upload the kit shortly.

I may have some also. Will add them to a kit if so.


First off thank you.
But these sound different than the LM1 sounds I’ve heard… Are they processed in any way?
Also the first kick on the .AIF sounds cuts off?

I didn’t record them myself, so I can’t say for sure.

I’ve come across a few collections of royalty free LM-1 samples and they’re all different, as each sound could be tuned differently (internally).
Even those in the Maschine library sound different. I make no guarantees.

I made some changes to the kit, so redownload, as I believe I at least have the toms and congas corrected.
Here is my LM-2 kit in the mean time, not LM-1, but very raw sound.

This has a bunch of drum samples, maybe what you’re looking for. Turns out i don’t have lm-1, sorry. Haven’t checked this pack out though.

@steveoath Wow man! this is a ton of stuff very cool. They all acurate you think?

I do see an LM1 on the list by the way

thanks @CandyGarage appreciate it

@Braun3000 I have no idea, I only stumbled on it yesterday. Got it on a blog that listed freeware vsts mostly. Dexed, sq8l, synth1.

It’s here

@Braun3000 I have no idea on accuracy I only stumbled on it yesterday and haven't opened the zip. I def didn't have lm1 samples on my laptop, but I'm always looking out for nice retro drum sounds :-).

Got it on a blog that listed freeware vsts mostly. Dexed, sq8l, synth1 etc. The guy has put it up on reddit now.

It’s here

I hope this is the one for you @Braun3000

LM1:SK1:Drumalator.aif - Google Drive

Also, I thought I’d add some SK1 sounds as they have a fun chip tune Op-1 feel to them :slight_smile:

@HisMostDarxxxellent Thanks!

and @CandyGarage these sound sick man! thank you!

No probs @Braun3000

Here is a screenshot of the drum hits :slight_smile:

Here is a custom LM-1 kit, with tunings set to my taste:

There’s a whole load of drumkits too on TE’s soundcloud page various Linn Drum kits.

Here is a custom LM-1 kit, with tuning set to my taste:

Nuttin’ deh…

@candygarage reupload?

Re-uploaded :slight_smile: