List of Teenage Engineering Collabs?

I know Teenage Engineering does collabs/designs stuff with other companies, does anyone know of any more that aren’t listed here? And anyone have any of these things? What do you think of them?

  • Teenage Engineering x IKEA ‘Frekvens Modular Speakers & Lighting’ (Does anyone have any idea if the turntable is/has ever releasing?)
  • Teenage Engineering x Impossible ‘I-1 Camera’
  • Teenage Engineering x Baidu ‘Raven H & R’ Smart Speakers (where on Earth can you find these?)
  • Teenage Engineering x Panic ‘Playdate’ Console

The first three Pocket Operators were a collaboration with Cheap Monday.

They also did an earbud headphone with AIAIAI.

Oops – nearly forgot the Playdate

The turntable in the Frekvens collections was canceled.

they just collab’d with capcom for the 2 new p.o.'s…

also ghostly and rick and morty too

Raven for their smart speaker assistants.

The OD-1 was an old product they purchased to revive for modern features.

Wayback - TE Design highlights

Their design pedigree goes back to their earliest days too: The old TE website design highlights

Frekvens having been in the works for a decade?