Little album made with OP-1

Thank you for reanimating this wonderful forum!!! And thank you guys for all the tricks i learned from you.
Here’s a little collection of songs i made with the OP-1:

Great stuff!!!

Wow! Nice deep kick and… Just really original and dynamic!

fantastic collection of sounds! nutria city definitely stands as my favorite.

Thank you very much guys! :smiley: i was a little worried that i used too many specific OP-1 sounds. you OP-heads probably notice them right away. i just love the string-synth:) much love…

Really nice album. I gave it a quick scan over but will definitely give it a good listen to the whole thing. A good variety of songs.

Were your songs played/sequenced/recorded all on the OP-1 or have you played into a DAW and used this to sequence etc? Or have you just used a DAW to master the tracks?

thank you man! daw was only used to get the songs to almost the same volume level. for the 3rd track i put left and right channel through 2 different effect pedals. i think everything else was done inside the OP-1.