Little HD Camera

Anyone on here using a GoPro or similar to record their jams or gigs?

At the moment I record jams with a Sony NEX camera (for video) and record the audio into laptop then put both together in Adobe Premier afterwards which takes extra time (not a lot of time but yeah it still needs some time).

A camera/camcorder would need to have a 3.5mm jack in so it can take a feed from mixer. The GoPro’s can take an adapter to be able to do this but sadly it’s not the cheapest ones. Splashing out on a GoPro would be a bit of a waste of money as I wouldnt use it to it’s full potential (e.g on a surfboard or jumping out of aeroplanes etc) but it would be good to have the highest quality.

So is anyone on here using either a GoPro or one of the cheaper copycat cameras out there that has an audio-in jack and what’s your take on the thing?

I’m currently using an Olympus E-PL3 with the EMA-1 accessory, which is a hotshoe mic adapter with 3.5mm input. The quality is good enough for posting videos, but not pro quality. Unfortunately can’t seem to find true recording specs for it though. All I know is that it sounds decent and records in stereo.

I just ordered a Sony HDR MV1 which is designed for musicians to record video, it has line in and can be had for £200 new. I also looked at the Zoom q4 but having had flaky firmware issues with Zoom products in the past decided to go with the Sony. It has not arrived yet so I can’t comment on how it performs and handles, but I did a fair bit of research before narrowing down to these 2 models.

Other older camcorders which might be worth a look are Kodak Zi8 and Zoom Q3HD both have built in mic as well as input jacks.

@darenager Thanks for the Sony suggestion. Actually I remember seeing that a while back.

I’m going to do myself some further research.

It’s crazy how GoPro seem to have such a massive foothold in this market when there’s lots of other things out there that do the same that are cheaper and may be better.

Just came back from CES and there are so many things coming out. But the sony and the gopro are the nicest the gopro have a 1/8" stereo in adapter…

I have a use the hero 4 for a bunch of things and I have been impressed. In the passed I have used iPhone, sony qx100, sony rx100, canon 5d Mark2. the gopro has been the best so far.

Two new Sony’s on the horizon.

Been watching Sony/GoPro comparisons and in terms of low light handling the current Sony models win hands down and don’t have the noise that the GoPro has.
So no doubt these new Sony’s coming out will maintain the low light capabilities.

With the GoPros or Sony it’s a lot to be shelling out on a camera just for recording jams :wink:
Maybe I should take up white water rafting or something too haha.

Well the other thing to bear in mind is the MV1 can also be used as just an audio recorder, and apparently quite a good one too. I have been using my iphone with Fostex AR4 audio cradle, problem is the lack of space, hence my decision to go with the Sony (as well as the 120 degree lense and lowlight performance)