Little Raspberry Pi project

Hey @daedalus1115, thanks for your interest in my little side project :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely know what you mean about tried and tested versus home baked. I practice those principles at work, but I guess for my little home project, I got ideas above my station and just went off on one a bit. Good thing is though, now that I have that code, and it’s evolved a lot since that first rudimentary version up on github, I have a really nice test bed to play with. And the good thing about having it all in the java domain, (now that I’ve done all the silly reinventing the wheel stuff) is that it’s now just so easy to extend to do all manner of things without having to write adaption layers to use another tool like SoX. Eg, I’m trying to morph it into an Android app, which would have been tricky if I had used SoX.

Re the drum utility, I love that thing and have created loads of kits with it. One thing I kind of wanted to do though was just generate loads of kits by pointing a program to a folder of samples, instead of faffing around with the VST. I put together a tool that does that and I use it a lot… just grab a sample pack from the internet, point my program at the root folder and a few seconds later, I have all these kits.

I like your suggestions and have been toying with things along those lines in the android app (patch repository, little audio utils like the stereo splitting thing, backup, renaming, etc). I quite like the android idea because it gives me a screen as a user interface which takes away all the issues around how to interface with a program running on the pi. There’s no denying though, the Pi is lots of fun and thinking of creative ways to interface with it is half the fun, so I’m also interested to see where you go with it too :slight_smile:

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