live performance vid feat. op-1

hey all,

this is a track from my new set feat. op-1, mpc and octatrack to construct loops live. it’s not flawless - but i’m very happy to be able to share it with you.

hope you like it. :slight_smile:

other stuff over here:

I very much enjoyed it.

Is OP-1 sync’ed to your MPC?
If so, how?

thanks for watching - much appreciated :slight_smile:

nothing synced - all elements are played in live.

yes - very cool! care to share how you wired it up audio wise? i.e. are you resampling in the OT or is everything more or less independent and MPC and OT are ‘just’ sample playback/sequence stations? nice and lean setup. great timbre… I dig

thanks for watching @tasmansea

mpc → OT in a/b
op-1 → OT in c/d

thats it really. everything is played in live and sampled in the octatrack. i then resample at the end and use the trigs to restructure the 64 bar loop and tweak it out a bit. usually at that point i would jump to the next bank and fade in new elements and play new drum and synth loops.

did that answer your question? let me know if not… :slight_smile: