Live Performance with Pos

Here is a set I did in Brighton with 3 Pocket Operators.

enjoy - or not.


Love it! Conceptual, rough and still straight to the point. Modular, even.

Curious about your whole set-up and the overall effort in terms of workflow.

You rock.
Can’t wait to see if you’ve got more gigs to share.
I can totally see this kind of Aphex vibe in raves nowadays.


Hey - Heyes
My original PO-only set up changed a bit earlier this year to include delays and reverb modules - but now I seem to have gone back to the original set up of just 3 Pocket Operators . I play with each individually (sampling in and sequencing etc) until I have 15 patterns that I like on each ( I always keep one empty ) - then I connect them together and jam (all the time writing down patterns that work together well) - then I rehearse it once and then generally go out and perform it live. Once I’ve performed it live I wipe all of the sounds/patterns and start again.
I play every month at the Brighton EMOM events and have just been asked to do a few other gigs where I will do 30 min sets. I’ll see how that goes - I love it. I love the Pocket Operators - they give me just the right balance between pre-planning and live improvisation by switching patterns and adding effects on the fly.


Gotta say, I was debating with myself about POs (since they look like on the verge of getting back in stock).
Was considering the PO-32 and PO-35 for starters - both complementary for my op1f.
Seeing you live, with that somewhat rough and yet textures sound…I don’t know…it feels live.
Must be crazy to go on the stage with such a minimalist set-up.

And I love the philosophy. Deleting everything afterwards…
Do you record everything on a separate drive or something?

Hey Heyes
I havent tried the Tonic - but if it comes back in stock I may just do that. For me though the PO-33 is great and does so much yet can maintain the crisp original sample if you want it to. The Po35 Speak is very versatile (i was making some patterns last night with mine - you can tweak the original sample in so many ways and then sequence a pattern and tweak that so much too - the original sample is very quickly history)
The sub is amazing
The rhythm too.
It certainly feels live - i have pattern sI am happy with but I always tweak and add effects to them whilst performing. Other performers at Open mic nights can’t believe the sounds I get out of my 3 tiny (calculators).
I record my rehearsals usually and then i record the live performances on an audio recorder - but the iphone audio that comes with the video is usually good eugh for me.
Thanks for your comments/questions.


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Well, thank you for taking the time to answer my fanboi questions!

I find your video really cool. It has some kind of cyber meets punk meets techno versus arcade feel that I love. Refreshing, to say the least.

And coming from live instruments myself, I love the bold statement you’re making with these three tiny tools - although they do pack a punch!

Gotta ask, tho : no OP-Z? I genuinely ask, on a creative standpoint. I always felt that what you achieve here with 3 POs was intended to be made on the OP-Z. And don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that you’re OP-free!

I love it.
I might just buy a PO-35 (I’m a sucker for vocal effects and feel like it could complete the op1f where the other, PO-33 included, would cover the same grounds as the OP series).
And I probably dismissed the Arcade, the Sub and the Office way too quickly.
Cause one thing for sure : your live just shinned a new light on the POs for me!

Thanks for sharing.

Hey Heyes
Thanks for your kind words. I don’t have a OP-Z - always seemed too expensive for me - the POs are very reasonable - considering what you can do with them…
I only got my first PO a year ago - as a way of making music in a hands-on way ( before that I was exploring VCV rack and was loving it - but couldn’t see a way of sharing my compositions in an exciting way live).
I dismissed the Arcade fairly quickly - the sound was too stylized for me.
by the way - the PO-35 has some great hard-hitting drums in bank 16.

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Probably worth noting…

The PO-35’s drums are actually Tonic, just at one note polyphony instead of 4 note polyphony.

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I didn’t know that. Thanks.
I thought that the big appeal of the Tonic was that you could use the Microtonic software to replace the drum sounds with new samples.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Microtonic works with the PO-35 too.
But I may be wrong…

yes po-35 it works with microtonic. they have one engine. and even more you can transfer your drums po-32 to po-35 through the microphone

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