Live samplinq wizards i need u also an ios sampler that can sample when audio threshold exceeded?

BM2 and Samplr is great stand alone and the start markers in Samplr make it a snap to quickly adjust to timing issues when sampling live, but when it is included in a complicated setup it doesn’t sync well like my other apps, even when it runs stand- alone on it’s own ipad.

I think i can get around this by finding something that can sample like the op1 (threshold) but on Ios and then simply trigger the samples via a sequencer.

If i had the dough i’d like an sp-555. I know the 555 has usb but does anyone know if it syncs via usb? I heard of people syncing their op1 and sp-404 well.

i know the MPC apps do threshold sampling

Thanks @docshermsticks . I bought it today. I must admit i always thought all complaints about the impc over the past year was a bit harsh but i do see how people can get frustrated.
For example, before and after everytime i sample my audio defaults to the ipad speakers and i need to reboot my i/o dock for it to be recognized. So this thing is useles to me.
Oh well. You were right tho. There is a threshold lol.

Here is my goal. A few weeks ago i came up with what i thought was a brilliant idea using gear i already had that hasn’t been used in a long time:

Dusted off a 4 channel DJ mixer that has a routing matrix.
Op1 goes into channel 1
Ipad mini sequencing ios stuff into channel 2
And my ipad2 running samplr inserted into the FX Send.

This allows me to freely resample either channel or the master using the routing matrix for the fx send.
The idea for this is to build a coherent loop on either the op or mini, sample, then crossfade to the resample, and while that plays i progress the beat on the other device/devices while in cue.

Unknowingly and Coincidently, i just learned that some people have already been doing this on OTs, when the other day i read about @virtualflannel description of his flow on a boiler room set

where he attributed this technique or explanation to this person:

So i’m thinking an OT would be overkill just to accomplish this because i’m not really interested for exploiting it’s other strong features. i’d rather spend less than half on an SP555 and insert that into the mixers fx send and resample with much less hassle (than attempting on ios).

So do you think this is feasible using an SP in the fashion i described? I almost got it to work using samplr
It was fun and my ideas were progressing using this mix method but i get too much drift. I figure even if the SP falls out of sync, i do have a steady hand to bang out the pads accordingly as long as quantize can be turned off.

I would appreciate any feedback from you sample wizess

I had a SP404 in the past, and I do believe that you cannot play and sample at the same time.

Don’t know for the SP555, but I would say it’s the same.

But I don’t really get it : why don’t you use Samplr on the iPad2 to achieve this ?
You can perfectly sample a loop while playing another, am I wrong ? And crossfade directly in the app.

If you don’t need to further edit your resampled loop, you can just use a TC Electronic Ditto v2, it’s really good and you keep your hands free :slight_smile:
If you need MIDI sync, which is rather convenient if you add some other gear, then I’d say Pigtronix Infinity is a good choice.
Never tried BOSS RC-505 but it’s seems very good.

I was reading an article on SP samplers last night. I think you can sample and play at the same time on the 303 (and apparently that one has a different (nicer?) vinyl sim).

Korg microSAMPLER does threshold sampling. You can even control the threshold level.

@yoof what u are referring to on the SP303, is the ability to resample while having the ext. source button on, which allows you to sample a pad performance to a new pad (resample) while mixing in sounds from your external inputs at the same time. not exactly the same as sample and play at the same time. the 303 & 505 are the only ones that can do this.

none of the SPs allow u to sample and play at the same time. the SP555 has that loop capture feature tho that is different from sampling.

Yes, you’re right doc, I remember that’s what the article said. Sorry for the inaccuracy!

saul good homie!! just wanted to clarify for the readers

“But I don’t really get it : why don’t you use Samplr on the iPad2 to achieve this ?
You can perfectly sample a loop while playing another, am I wrong ? And crossfade directly in the app.”

Yes i can, but it drifts only after a few bars, SO I THOUGHT but i’m wrong. I isolated everything and ran some tests on all the individual components. Because ipad mini was synced to Op1, i assumed the ipad2 running Samplr was drifting, when in fact it was the mini. (Ipad2 cannot receive sync if i’m using an i/o device so i simply hit play on the op to samplrs metronome to sync.) Honestly it works better than when i connected the CCK and synced it.

It is simple and this is what i discovered. It doesn’t matter whether either pad is actually synced or if they were manually started in sync on the beat. They are both tight with the op until you switch apps on either device.
So i cleaned up the ipad2 so that only samplr is running, created a template with the slice markers adjusted for the latency, and sampled a loop from the op. I toyed with samplr for 10 minutes, overdubbed gestures ect, and it stayed tight.
The ipad mini is fine until i switch apps but i cannot avoid this problem since the mini is rigged up for sound design that involves using a few apps.

As a solution i’m going to route the ipad mini into the op1 instead of assigning it it’s own channel on the mixer. This way ipad2 samples op1 and op1 samples mini. Since the op1’s sampler can record from an audio threshold, timing won’t be an issue unless i need to sample onto tape cause it’s longer than six seconds. But if my crossfader is on the B side, than i can stop and reset the op1 and mini clocks.
Only one way to find out!

@telengard yes thanks i forgot to mention that i had looked into that already, the price point for what it can do is great. Only reason i didn’t get it is cause it doesn’t automatically loop/playback when finished sampling.