Live set with OP-1 (questions)


I’ve just been researching the op-1 and I’m thinking about getting it. I’m a producer, singer & songwriter and I want to be able to do a live set up on my own with something that I can trigger my sounds on and sing whilst doing so, and of course as I’ve seen the op1 can be used for a lot of production stuff. But here I’m mainly talking about the live aspect - is it worth going with the op1 or should I just get a cheaper more simple midi controller, baring in mind that money is very much an object. I’ve fallen a bit in love with the op1 watching all these videos because of all the things it can do all round, but I also need to prioritise. Basically just looking for some opinions lol :smiley:

Some people do amazing stuff for a live show with the op-1 but in my opinion it’s not its strength and requires some complimentary gear to best use it this way. But coz you’re a singer songwriter it may work well for you.
I’d prefer it to a laptop, yes.

@blossom I’d agree with @Spheric_El re: the op1’s strengths not being for live work. It is capable of being used live, and I personally use it live, but yeah, you’re likely gonna find it annoyingly limited in that regard if you like to improvise (like me), with some thoughtful prep, you could do a whole bunch with it live, plus it can have that zazz factor if you just use it for a song or two across your set and draw your audience’s attention to how cool it is, and do some live sampling or looping etc.