Live Stream Sample Exchange

My plan is to exchange sounds with other people via Instagram live streams and then we can each compose our own songs with those sounds and post a 1 minute result on our respective pages.

If you have a way to input a line or external mic into your streaming device it will help, but it’s not required.
I’d rather sample live performances than recordings or sequences, that’s not set in stone though.
I’m hoping to work with a vocalist or singer of some sort, but open to any (well…most) ideas.
Daytime hours in the US are busy for me, night time is the right time (particularly after 10pm Chicago time, most weekdays)

Anyone interested? You can message me here or find me on Instagram.

This is a cool idea. I would love to join, but a bit too much on the plate at the moment.

Sounds interesting

I am interested in collaborating with folks on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This would be mainly for songwriting, jamming, and idea exchange. My thought is to do a virtual room and let folks Skype/google hangout/etc.

For online I looked at ohmstudio, splice, kompoz, and others and while the platform varies, it is hard to find folks to join at the same time for any live(ish) interaction. I’m thinking someone make a drum pattern, someone else add a guitar part or something, and keep building until it takes shape. I have a few ideas on how to moderate it and make it entertaining. I am down with the sample thru IG live too.


@flybry I’m not familiar with those sites, but if they’re free to join I might be willing to try them. The main reason I suggested IG live was to avoid using the big computer. I use computers all day long for work so I really like to stay away from the big screens when I’m home, I just use the OP-1 and my phones, sometimes another sampler or two.
I use a SonicPort and iPhone to stream so my audio is decent quality over IG. I do have Soundcloud and could exchange clips that way, but there’s no live sharing AFAIK.