Live streaming with OP-Z & Grandmother

Hey guys I am going to begin streaming some live performance stuff as well as some creative process. I hope to use streaming as a way to encourage live playing for myself as well as a way to examine my creative process. I will likely be streaming on youtube. What are your thoughts on youtube vs other streaming sites? What would you be interested in seeing live?

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I am not sure I want to see what you are doing with your Grandma.


Moog grandmother my friend

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I was kinda hoping it was the GrandMA lighting console

I like the idea; like you’re saying, this seems a good opportunity to practice live playing.

As for other services, I know of and , but I have no experience with any of these. I’d be interested in hearing pros and cons for streaming music as well.

Personally I’d like to see an overhead view of the gear. Also, this could be a good opportunity to showcase OP-Z’s visual capabilities. Not sure whether it’s possible in a live streaming setting. But even just putting an iPhone/iPad somewhere and playing with photomatic could already be fun.

I hate YouTube, but even if I didn’t, I would go with Twitch for streaming. Or one of the alternatives if you can somehow bootstrap an audience.

If you want to be totally on the cutting edge, I’d look into VR.

When I want to watch a livestream, YouTube is convenient. Instagram is a bit of a pain. Facebook=forget it!

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I had no idea there were such a thing!

Thanks for your input! I dont really have much of an audience to pull on any video platform so im pretty open! I was thinking youtube or twitch, but wasnt quite sure if twitch was more gamer focused and less art focused. After I get a few streams under my belt ill probably delve into visuals from max. At this point I dont have any ios devices. Waiting on a desktop app before jumping in on that side of the OPZ

Youtube is fairly convenient, I agree! Instagram is much more of a pain for any of the AV stuff, so Ill probably stay away from that domain

Hey guys about to start the stream if your interested come check me out!


Congrats on the first livestream! I played it back now; these sounds were fun, but also calm and relaxing, I liked listening to it.

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Thanks for the feedback! I hope to do more in the future!

My recommendation is:

  1. Twitch if you’re looking at the “easiest” startup and highest likelihood to pick up viewers/followers, and you can still save the videos to Youtube after
  2. Youtube if you want the easiest method to save your streams to a channel after streaming

For either option, you can also run an Instagram live stream as a secondary stream to your Youtube/Twitch stuff. Just set up a phone to stream in addition to the other platforms, but point people towards your main stream for better quality.