Loading drum patches from the drum utility

Hey ya’ll,

I am noobin here… But am I being a complete donut?

Made some patches in the op1 drum utility and exported them into a folder on the desktop but when I empty the drum folder on the op1 and drag the new patches over, when it loads and says press any key to continue its just the stick drums still… I’ve held shift and 1 to load but only the stock presets are there?

I’m mostly sampling in but would be great to get a few kits in there for when on the road.

Thanks in advance

*stock not stick…

Just watched a zulumonk vid and he had snapshot folders in his synth and drums folders?

I don’t have these in mine? Anyone else?

i think you just have to put them in folders inside the drum folder then they should show up in your preset manager.

the snapshots folder gets create automatically when you hold one of the 1-8 hot key buttons. it will save that preset to a separate snapshot on the disk in this snapshots folder.

Thanks docshermsticks!

Snapshot folder appeared like you said after holding down one of the hot key buttons and copied the files into drums - snapshot folder and loaded by holding shift and hot key 7 as that’s where I wanted it. So all good…