LOFI DREAMs ∞∞ ultra lofi 12-bit arcade sampler

available @

ultra lofi arcade realtime sampler // granular (grain) device
& live audio dreamscape multi-effects unit

Handmade Audio Device. **high quality parts & wiring (22 AWG)
1/4" audio input & output & 1/8" audio input & output
1590XX/1790NS enclosure size. approx 5.7" x 4.7" x 1.5"

➡ ➡ https://www.etsy.com/shop/ishkabibbel
inline DC Power Switch adapter cable
installed CR2032 cell battery
& collectible user guide printed on premium card stock

- 12-BIT ADC & DAC audio
- 4x sample pads. monophonic playback.
- 100% variable sample rate
- realtime sampling to SRAM
**(min 3.5 seconds of sample time PER PAD)
**(max 44 seconds of sample time PER PAD) **and everything in-between!
- high quality Sanwa arcade buttons
- USB or DC Powered
- fully customizable & programmable via USB & Arduino Software
- **included & installed** internal cell battery (CR2032) retains samples in memory when power is off
(battery backup can be turned on and off by holding GRAIN (off) or REVERSE (on) during power up.

for Guitar, Bass, Synth, Keyboard, Drum Machines, other Samplers, Microphones, etc. etc.
basically whatever you can plug in!

••DUAL HP/LP Filter
High Pass Frequency Cutoff
Low Pass Frequency Cutoff

Grain Size
Grain Stretch

Bit Resolution
Sample Rate

Audio Killswitch (this can be recorded into a sample, but has no effect during sample playback)
Grain Mode (activates Grain mode & Grain Size // Grain Stretch knobs)
Reverse/Filter Kill
Record/Sample Freeze
4x Sample Pad Buttons

GRAIN + RECORD button combo auto chops last played sample into 4 equal parts and spreads them across the 4 sample pad buttons

**CASSETTE TAPE MODE** SP/LP (Standard Play/Long Play)
GRAIN + REVERSE button combo unlocks random wow & flutter
SP/LP mode can be changed by holding SAMPLE 1 (SP) or SAMPLE 2 (LP) during power up.

by default, recording will not actually start until the input audio has reached a certain threshold.
this can be turned off by holding RECORD during power up.
the threshold can be changed by holding SAMPLE 3 or SAMPLE 4 during power up.

**all button power up settings are saved and stored into the device EEPROM and recalled every time you use LOFI Dreams.

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So cool man, all your instruments look great!

This is looking really quite amazing now.
Awesome feature set with fun ,unlockable combos.
Liking this.

thanks g’s!!! much appreciated. have been having a lot of fun. not usually one to puff my own chest but i am particularly proud of this one.

never thought in a million years i’d be building my own stuff, let alone something like this.

the stuff you’re making is so fantastic! awesome work - really living the dream there bro.

Cool little sampler and fx box.
Wish I had the know-how to make stuff like this.

thanks dudes!!

@spacetravelmadeeasy dude i didn’t. and if i can learn, anyone can. just gotta start somewhere and inch your way up. everything is on the internet

These are fantastic. If I hadn’t just bought a vitamix blender I’d have bought one before making this post

thanks @krism !! haha u mean like an actual blender for making smoothies and stuff?

gotta stay healthy!

that dino box is high on my GAS list now. thanks :-p haha

@docshermsticks Will you accept backorders if I’ll have the $$$ for this amazing box at some point in the hopefully not so distant future? Right now I have other projects in the making, but this pedal is certainly something I may want to grab when I’ll have fresh capital to invest in crazy cool gear. :slight_smile:

@jooga1972 hit me up when ur good to go! i’ll do my best, but i can’t make any iron clad promises.

yeah, these are awesome!

great job :slight_smile:

@aswellfallintostatic thanks mang!!

@docshermsticks I’m a subscriber to Knobs Youtube channel. Just on my lunch break and hit play on a new video and low and behold there you are! You make great things, really cool to see them interacting together.

For anyone who is not familiar, I recommend that you become so (or more so) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARX1QYvBD-A

^ so good!

lol y’all heard about it before i did! thanks so much dudes @wolflegjon @zzzach appreciate it.

huge ups to the homie knobs. he makes the best demos on the world wide web IMO! and i personally don’t even like watching demos at all.

Knobs demos definitely ruin other demos for me. I get bummed if there’s a pedal I’m interested in and Knobs hasn’t made a video for it. #spoiled

I stumbled across that channel ages ago trying to find a demo of the Death by Audio Reverb. Its the only demo channels I can happily watch, it has so more personality by not using talking personalities.

I think its great, you will need to be ordering some more solder after that video!

one of my goto channels is that knobs!